Excursion Opportunities


All schools and community groups on the Central Coast are invited to visit the Remondis education facility to learn more about waste and recycling. The facility can hold approximately 30 people at a time and is available for excursions Monday to Friday from 9am until 12pm.

A visit to the Remondis education facility will enable people to understand what items can and cannot be placed within each of the 3 bins, what happens to recycling, garden vegetation and general waste after it has been collected and the benefits of recycling and reducing waste to landfill. Visitors will also be given the opportunity to view the recycling sorting process at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) via live CC TV cameras. Viewing the sorting process allows visitors to understand why we cannot recycle some items and the consequences of placing wrong items into the recycling bin. The use of the CCTV cameras allows people to view the sorting facility up close whilst keeping them away from the operating facility. This helps reduce any risk that may be associated with students being around operating machinery. Where possible, excursions will have a strong activity based focus and include trivia questions and recycle relay activities.

To organise a School Excursion fill out the School Excursion Booking Form.

For further information, contact Michelle Murrell, Education Officer on Phone (02) 4336 3100 or via Email michelle.murrell@remondis.com.au 


Buttonderry Waste Management Facility

Do you want to see what happens with your garbage after you put it in your bin? Are you interested in seeing what happens to old landfill cells? Do you want to know what leachate is?

Bus tours of the Buttonderry Waste Management Facility can be booked with Wyong Shire Council’s Waste Officer Jodi Brown on (02) 4350 5163. Please fill out the online booking form.

Ask about a bus subsidy – your school groups may be eligible!


Promotional Materials

If you would like promotional materials (eg Posters, flyers etc) to promote the BluePlanet website at your school please contact us at blueplanet@wyong.nsw.gov.au

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To request a login to the teachers resources section of the BluePlanet please email us at blueplanet@wyong.nsw.gov.au with your name, email address, school and job title.